Weekly Download 15.7

download-150965_640Here’s a recap of news and notes from around the Web that caught my attention over the past week or so.

Decisions vs. Choices: Is There a Distinction? Yes, and it is important. It helps us think about when we cut off alternatives (make a decision) vs. what are the choices we make. Are we clear so that important choices are made or considered before we make a decision? Seemingly, decisions are much easier once we have that clarity.

Read the letter Bill Gates sent to Microsoft employees for the company’s 40th anniversary. He takes a moment to reflect and celebrate, then sets the path for their future: “…what matters most now is what we do next.”

I’ve always been a fan of maps. For that matter, I appreciate just about any effective graphical display of information. Draftsman Henry Beck originally created the subway-style map in 1933 for the London Underground Tube. There is just one minor detail—it’s not really a map. Both Beck and the designer of the NYC subway version insisted that this style it be called a diagram (to represent the data, not be a geographical-based representation of all of the features). Semantics aside, 15 subway-style maps that explain everything but subways is intriguing and I think most of them work well.

If you are wondering how quickly disruptive business models can change things, read this. As of March 2015, Uber represents 47% of expensed rides processed by North America’s second largest expense reimbursement provider—up from 15% in March 2014.

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