Weekly Download 15.18

download-150965_640Here’s a recap of news and notes from around the Web that caught my attention over the past week or so.

Where do great ideas originate? I always obtain clarity and focus or sharpen ideas while in the shower (how unoriginal). 8 Habits of People Who Always Have Great Ideas has some great tips on how to create that space for insight. Connections are another big area for me—connecting concepts, people and/or experiences. Perhaps that’s why I always use analogies to illustrate messages.

What is a Master Penman? Even a pen aficionado like me didn’t know there was such a designation. There are only 12 in the world, and Jake Weidmann is the youngest by several decades. I was amazed at the precision in his art—such detail and creativity. I’m glad there are people like Jake preserving and advancing these art forms. Check out Master Penman Jake Weidmann and Why write? Penmanship for the 21st Century 

Your Job Title Is … What? “Overlord of Entertainment Infrastructure” struck my fancy. I love the graphic as well as the article that followed.


Illustration by Ron Barrett, The New York Times, October 23, 2015

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