JPH coffee

Photo by Mark Baker

Anyone who knows me, knows me as a great consumer of media and information. IPad in hand, reading newspapers, magazines, books, and blogs. Interests are many and varied: IT, photography, business theory, travel, sports, the arts. And did I mention biking and coffee?

As I go forward with this blog, you’ll learn more about the inner muse of Mark Baker. What I find interesting or thought-provoking, commentary on what’s new in the world of business and IT, as well as old-style methods that are coming back around again. Let’s begin.

P.S. So are you wondering what ZMAB15 stands for? That was my original user name at Amoco, assigned in 1986. It has endured.

2 Comments on “Launch”

  1. Donna Carson Baker says:

    I can’t wait to learn more about what spins around in that brain of yours.

  2. Aunt Patti says:

    I signed up for your blog, Mark. Does this make me a fan or a stalker? Looking forward to being amused and enlightened!

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