Weekly Download 14.7

download-158006_640Here’s a recap of news and notes from around the Web that caught my attention over the past week or so.

An oldie but a goodie. How Change Fails: CEOs Focus On Symptoms NOT The System. Click “next post” on the right of the screen for more from Forbes.com contributor Christine Comaford. Good stuff.

Accenture’s take on the digital decade. A summary of twelve truths and a closer look at truth #4.

McKinsey & Company looks at Ten IT-enabled business trends for the decade ahead.

  1. Social
  2. Big data
  3. Internet of things
  4. Anything as a service
  5. Automating knowledge work
  6. Global digital citizens
  7. When digital and physical worlds collide
  8. Personalization and simplification
  9. Digital commerce
  10. Transforming government, healthcare and education


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