Simplistic, Simplify or Simple


Image courtesy of Master isolated images /

Image courtesy of Master isolated images /

Simplisticsimplify or simple. Are we using these words correctly and appreciating the differences between them? When strategizing or problem solving, it seems that all too often we shortcut to simplistic in the pursuit of solution. An orientation toward action may cause us to not fully examine the underlying complexities of a situation before moving ahead. That can result in landing on a solution too quickly that really isn’t a solution at all.

Sometimes we might simplify…we reduce down. This can be important, but it may also not be sufficient.

Simple can be hard. It can take time. Elegant is another word that comes to mind. We may have to work hard to take things away until we get to the very essential elements.

Think about the meaning of these words. When do we need to challenge ourselves to go further and achieve simple when we may have settled for simplifying or simplistic and called it “good enough” in the past?

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