Weekly Download 14.14

download-158006_640Here’s a recap of news and notes from around the Web that caught my attention over the past week or so.

What will they think of next? The Airdog is a Video drone that flies itself

Even in the most utopian workplace environments, conflicts arise. These 5 Questions You’ll Need to Settle Workplace Disagreements is a handy tool for finding a resolution.

  •  Question 1: “Are we arguing about intent or impact?”
  • Question 2: “What are our goals here?”
  • Question 3: “Are our priorities aligned?”people demand bikes and coffee
  • Question 4: “How are we defining success?”
  • Question 5: “What would you do in my place?”

To a bike geek like myself, there is no greater hero or villain than Lance Armstrong. Lance Armstrong in Purgatory: The After Life recaps his rise and fall and shows how life has changed for the super athlete now that he is no longer atop the podium.


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