Weekly Download 14.23

download-158006_640Here’s a recap of news and notes from around the Web that caught my attention over the past week or so.

How Matt’s Machine Works is a very interesting read on the founder of WordPress (the platform for this blog).  It presents a unique view on how large a relatively old tech company uses its own tools. I was surprised to learn that 20% of websites are based on the wordpress platform.

10 Brilliant Quotes From Warren Buffett, America’s Second-Richest Person. I really enjoy the sage advice from Buffet and always read his annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. Here he boils it down to 10 points. Good advice, indeed.

Seth Godin: Keep Making a Ruckus. This video is worth the 20 minutes.  Here are a few of my notes:

  • Today’s economy is about connection, not capital.
  • What’s next? What we’re doing now is what is next—don’t wait.
  • The difference between a painter and an artist is the leap that leads to connection. Without connection, it’s just using tools to do things. That’s a painter.
  • Creating a ruckus means activity provoking people into trying something they otherwise wouldn’t.
  • To change the outcome, change the circles.
  • Renaissances are messy.
  • Nobody wakes up in the morning with “talker’s block.” Writers block is due to the perceived risk of writing being a more permanent thing.

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