Have You Noticed? The Internet has Changed

IMG_0333A recent Wall Street Journal article points out that with the transition to mobile (smartphones and tablets), apps are killing the web. While mobile device usage has climbed to over 2.5 hours per day, 86% of that time is spent in applications and only 14% of time on the web.

“And the way it’s dying has farther-reaching implications than almost anything else in technology today.”

Of course, our on-the-go lifestyles and widespread, high-speed data access on mobile are large factors. We sit and we pull out our phones, habitually. We constantly multi-task in front of the TV, at a restaurant, during sporting events or while waiting for an appointment. By doing so, we try to pack more into our day.

Why does this matter? It’s a tangible measure of how our expectations have changed.

  • Ease of use and user interface must be intuitive and not require training.
  • Simple and limited function is okay.
  • We’re used to using multiple tools to accomplish a stream of activity.
  • We use multiple devices (phone, tablet, laptop) and want access from any/all and are accustomed to slight differences.
  • Finally, we expect fast access anywhere and anytime.

We aren’t just talking about it, we’re living it. We can work, play or be entertained by this very functional small piece of glass, metal and plastic.

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