A Sticky Situation

stuckAt Strategic Leverage Partners, we had a very brief and specific definition of “stuck.” Moving from problem mode to solution requires that we realize something is holding us back. The second step is figuring out how to get unstuck. The most obvious way is to find the answer to our question. But what if we are asking the wrong question?

Perhaps we’re framing the question with a historical bias. Perhaps for the situation, the solution set is not known. Therefore, we have to figure out what is different, what we don’t know or what hasn’t been considered.

  • Are will willing to pause (versus just push harder)?
  • Are we willing to look to the outside (versus look harder inside)?
  • Are we willing to seek and consider diverse opinions (versus go to our trusted sources or ideas)?
  • Are we willing to consider that we ourselves are part of the problem (versus looking at others)?

Today, more than ever, we need to adapt to a rapidly changing environment, one where historical norms aren’t nearly as relevant. Consider what steps you’re willing to take to get unstuck. There are many options, as long as you are open to a new approach

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