Your Day is About to Change

CJ Bruno

CJ Bruno

Last week at PDS Tech 2014, I had the chance to hear and talk with CJ Bruno, VP and GM of Intel Americas. He offered a very interesting perspective on Intel hardware that’s in the pipeline. In short:

  • Tiny motherboards taking up less space and consuming significantly less power.
  • 3D cameras that will make password access to your devices so yesterday.
  • An image of your head will become your password and PIN.
  • Voice interface and wireless connections will facilitate device charging, video connections, file transfer and linking accessories. Convenient, yes, but more importantly, all about security.

But wait—this is the wrong end of the dog. The excitement around hardware and devices has given way to the age of the user experience. An easy to use, always on, always with you experience that integrates seamlessly throughout your day is on the horizon. These experiences, built on new cloud and mobile services, meet today’s lifestyle. No longer is computing done solely in your office and on your desktop. This concept goes beyond work/life balance—it’s integration. Our work organizations, work tools and work styles need to catch up to our lifestyles. When we think of something we want to act. Whether that is ordering an item from Amazon or following up on that task at work, you want it instantly and easily available to you regardless of where you are or what device you have nearby.

Intel’s Experience Vision video is a great depiction of what is possible. This is not futuristic—it will be enabled and available to consumers in less than two years.

I’ll close with a laugh for the day: Things IT People Never Say.

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