Weekly Download 14.22


Here’s a recap of news and notes from around the Web that caught my attention over the past week or so.

Cloudy With a Chance of Trouble. This perfect headline summarizes how employees are using a large variety of officially unsanctioned cloud-based tools in the workplace. The WSJ shows that regardless of the corporate approach, employees find creative ways to tap into these services.

Why Getting It Wrong Is the Future of Design. Just when design gets it right, some are headed to the wrong side, with often exciting results. I like the slightly deviant thinking reflected here that takes on the idea that perfect can be too perfect.

Don’t miss these tech reviews: great quality, great onscreen presence. This guy is a college senior, but already has six years of experience! Marques Brownlee, you’re a terrific example of what is possible in this new world.

Windowless planes could be here in 10 years—and they look amazing. Wow, this sure made me think.

In the evolving convergence of traditional devices and new devices, the long standing “how many devices” argument is still not clear. As soon as we think we’re close, there is yet another set of expectations to meet. Apple should make a better MacBook Air and not fret about the iPad looks at what may be on the horizon with hybrid devices. I love the toaster-meets-refrigerator imagery.

Intel Launches the Intel® Core™ M Processor, touted as the “optimal blend of mobility and performance.”

The Apple Mac Takes Its Place In The Post-PC World. The fight for market position is being won by Macs and Chromebooks, at the expense of Windows PCs.

2 Comments on “Weekly Download 14.22”

  1. Matt Garadis says:

    Love the Wall Street Journal article – Interestingly, Box.com is an Enterprise Wide Solution at both GE and Cisco – approved collaboration tool for every employee at both organizations. #NotAllCloudApplicationsAreCreatedEqual

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